Crash courses

My crash courses will jazz up any event – from 1920s parties to weddings to corporate functions.


Whether you're producing a musical play or looking for an unforgettable dance number for an advertisement, I can choreograph a routine tailored precisely to your needs. 

I will get your dancers ready to perform the routine in no time, and will adapt rehearsals to fit the experience and ability of the group.


Sugarfoot Girls 

This is a unique, tried-and-tested workshop that can come to your town or city. Lena, Mama Ulita and I have developed a fabulous programme for your dancing pleasure – and of course we can adapt it to suit your wishes and needs. Visit the Sugarfoot Girls website to find out more. 

Shilly & Shally 

We are a great addition to any party, company celebration, function or promotional event. Our performances are also ideal for variety shows and evenings celebrating bohemian style and the glamour of the 1920s-50s.

Depending on your schedule, we can perform up to three dance numbers in an evening. If you like, we can also give your guests a crash course.


You can download our portfolio here.


Shilly & Shally
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