Whether you're a beginner or long-time swing dancer, you can hire me for teaching sessions in a variety of formats:

I can provide private classes, group classes and workshops. I also choreograph individual routines for advertisements or plays. Beyond that, I am open to any other teaching format that suits your needs. 

For events, I can offer crash courses, dance shows or entire workshops (see Events).

Private classes

If you want to improve your dance skills, refine your style and draw inspiration from an experienced teacher, then a private class is the thing for you. The session will be all about you and what you want to get out of your time with me. I give private classes throughout Germany. Check my schedule to see when I'll be in your area and drop me a message to arrange a class.


Group classes

Learning together in a group is a lot of fun and great for teamworking skills. Creativity and inspiration are a big part of my teaching, and I make sure that everyone gets individual feedback. In group classes it's normal to switch partners regularly. This helps you practice your leading and following with different dancers and dance styles. Check my schedule for the dates of my regular classes.


Workshops I thought so far:


Hamburg: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, Vintage Chorusline, regular classes, (SugarfootGirls)

Berlin: PartnerCharleston, Follower Workshops 2011, 2012, regular Lindy classes

Hannover: PartnerCharleston und Lindy Hop (MelHop)

Bremen: Follower Workshop

Köln: PartnerCharleston, Lindy Hop

Dortmund: Lindy, Charleston, Authentic Jazz (Froggy Withsun)

Stuttgart: Vintage Chorusline, Charleston, Authentic Jazz (SugarfootGirls)

Leipzig: Vintage Chorusline, Charleston, Authentic Jazz (SugarfootGirls)

Bielefeld: Lindy Hop