is probably the best-known swing dance of all. This relaxed partner dance emerged in New York in the 1930s and 40s. Initially popular among young black dancers from Harlem, it went on to become established in ballrooms, where big-band swing was the music of choice. 

A typical feature of Lindy Hop is the open position, where partners hold each other with just one hand. It sets Lindy apart from other traditional partner dances and creates a great deal of freedom and space for improvisation. In the early years this was truly revolutionary – and to this day it remains one of the things that make Lindy Hop so unique. 



My classes 

focus on helping dancers to learn the right technique. Leading and following are at the heart of my Lindy Hop teaching and provide the foundation for moves and styling. I also run special Follows Styling courses, which are designed to encourage followers to take on an active role and develop their own personal style. 

My partners and I will show you the steps and help you improve every aspect of your dance.

I teach Lindy Hop for all levels – from beginners to advanced to aspiring Lindy teachers.